Health, Beauty and Pilates-Training
in Central Switzerland

Idunalife Health, Pilates und Beauty –
Your inspiration for health and beauty

Iduna is the goddess of eternal youth in ancient Norse mythology and is therefore the perfect eponym for my concept. With Idunalife Health, Beauty and Pilates training in central Switzerland, I support my clients in feeling well and youthful with a healthy body, mind and soul  up to old age. I aim to share my belief with as many people so they too, can implement and share this philosophy.

With my Health, Pilates and Beauty offer, YOU are in the center. You should feel good and gain charisma. I show you how you can easily and with fun gain more quality of life.

Everything in balance: Idunalife Pilates

Pilates is a gentle, extremely effective training method in which the person is seen as a whole. On the one hand, Pilates strengthens the muscles - especially the pelvic floor, abdomen and back - which leads to better posture and shape. On the other hand, the mind and soul are involved and breathing is trained, which contributes to a greatly increased sense of well-being. 

As a certified Pilates trainer, I am qualified to pass on this unique training method and support you as you discover a better quality of life and more joy in your body. I provide you with the best equipment, so you successfully reach your training goals. 

For me, Pilates is the key to a long, healthy, flexible and self-determined life. I look forward to putting this key into your hands.

Simply feel beautiful: Idunalife Beauty

Idunalife Beauty makes you shine - inside and out! My makeup services are designed to enhance and highlight your beauty, so you can feel comfortable with yourself and radiate with confidence.

My training as a make-up trainer with the renowned brand Face Stockholm has encouraged my passion for colors, shapes, light and shadow. Let yourself be infected by my enthusiasm! I'll show you how you can shine in everyday life with the right makeup.

I only use products from Face Stockholm and other companies that meet my high-quality standards. I insist on fair trade, products without animal testing and ecologically sensible shipping and packaging.