Idunalife Beauty

Beauty make-up: offer and prices

Offer 1: Show me how, let me learn

The session focuses on teaching you how to fulfil your beauty wishes. Using the right colours, products and make-up techniques for your skin tone and face, you will learn how to make the most of your features and let your beauty shine through.

CHF 100.00 | 60 Min.

Offer 2: Make me beautiful

You want to feel extra beautiful for a special occasion? I'll do your makeup professionally - you can look forward to a sparkling result! I use products from Face Stockholm, however if you have a favourite product that you can't live without, feel free to bring it along.

CHF 125.00 | 75 Min.

Offer 3: The Make-up-Group Event

Girls' night out, get-togethers with friends, time out with siblings: turn your event into a beauty happening! I'll show you how to emphasise your assets with make-up and give you tips on trends, colours and product selection. Do you have any special ideas for this make-up group event? Let me know your wishes and I'll be happy to accommodate them.

2 - 4 persons approx. 2 h

CHF 70.00 | per person

5 - 8 persons approx. 3 h

CHF 60.00 | per person

I'd be happy to have you. Contact me for an appointment or more information.