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Carina Johansson

Hej! Hello!

My name is Carina Johansson. I was born in Sweden and work brought me to the heart of Switzerland. Today, 20 years later, I am still here teaching what I love: Pilates.

I have worked in the fitness, health and beauty industry for 25 years and am inspired daily as a fitness instructor, fitness class leader and trainer for aspiring group fitness leaders.

Ten years ago I got to know and love the Pilates method and since then I have been learning, practicing and teaching this fascinating training method.

Throughout my career, I have passed on various fitness practices to my clients - but nothing even comes close to the effect of Pilates. Neither on my body nor on the bodies of my clients.

To deepen my understanding as well as my passion for Pilates, I have studied three Pilates methods and am now a certified, third generation classical Pilates teacher.

My beauty and Pilates trainings

2022 MeJo Wiggin – The Classical Syllabus ®

2022 BACK HERO Pain & Movment Workshop

2021 BeBo® Rectusdiastase- Close the gap
2019 Real Pilates ® Teacher Trainer from Alycea Ungaro (Berlin and New York)
2017 BeBo® Pregnancy and Regression (Switzerland)
2016 BeBo® Pelvic floor Course Instructor (Switzerland)
2016 Face Stockholm Make Up Artist Diploma (Stockholm)
2012 Peak Pilates® Full Comprehensive Certification (Boston)
2009 Polestar ® Pilates Education Essentials for Certification (Switzerland)